TacoBell Releases New Grilled Cheese Dipping Taco

Taco Bell will lure its customers with new dips and new food items. It is always exciting to visit this Tellthebell food chain to discover new items on its menu list.

This time, Taco Bell has come up with a new Taco Bell releases new grilled cheese dipping taco that is making every taco lover fall in love with its taste. 

You must satisfy your taste buds by having more than one cheesy dipped taco. The Mexican giant has added this new item, thronging fast food lovers to its food chains to taste this limited edition item.

How is Grilled Cheese Dipping Taco Made?

The grilled cheese dipping taco has slow-braised shredded beef loaded with protein. Three cheese slices are added inside this taco and grilled, giving you a corn smell. The Tellthebell fast food chain offers two dipping sauces to enhance the taste of the taco. 

Those two sauces you can dip are a nacho cheese sauce and a red sauce. These two sauces will take the taco to another level. The rich and spicy flavors in the taco will be enjoyed by people who want extra spice in a taco. There are also other flavors that the food chain will customize according to the customer’s taste buds. 

The company tries to make taco or bring out different taco varieties to customers, adding premium ingredients. The new grilled cheese dipping taco will be available for customers for only a few days and at a cost of USD 3.49. 

The flavors of birria used in this new item have been the hot favorite of many customers. With this tellthebell taco, fans can enjoy the juicy and soft textured beef and the grilled taste outside with the right sauces. 

Undeniably, Taco Bell is known for its beef tacos. It was the first time the food chain had come up with shredded beef taco stuffed inside. It allows customers to get a mouth full of beef taste in the first bite. The food chain took two years to make this recipe perfect. 

The shredded beef is braised slowly with a couple of spices to make it a centerpiece of the grilled cheese dipping taco. The main inspiration for creating this taco is the flavors of Birria.

The combination of slow-braised beef and two yummy sauces gives fans a new item to taste when they step into the store instead of the regular tacos they have every day. 

This Mexican-inspired dish is an evolution and is loved by many fans. If this menu succeeds in its limited edition, they will introduce it in the other stores nationwide. The taco has been introduced as part of the beloved grilled cheese platform. 

The food chain uses premium ingredients when trying new recipes that tickle customer’s taste buds. They try to bring in the snack items that customers have never tasted. 

Apart from the shredded beef, the taco has jalapeno sauce and melty three-cheese slices of cheddar, mozzarella, and pepper jack inside the fried corn-white shell. It will give a dash of kick to your taste buds with its spicy flavors and cheesy pull. 

The two dips complement the taco. These are made to attain perfect consistency and flavors in every bite. 


What sauces are used in grilled cheese dipping tacos?

The nacho cheese sauce and red sauce are given as dip in this taco to enhance the taste.

Do they use the cheese slice in grilled cheese dipping taco?

No, the cheese dipping taco has shredded beef put inside with the cheese filling, and the outer layer has a crispy corn taste.

In which branch have they introduced the grilled cheese dipping taco?

It has been introduced in the Los Angeles branch of Taco Bell. 


You can visit the Tellthebell Los Angeles branch to enjoy this new item on the Taco Bell menu. The first 20 customers would get a chance to taste this unique item. They have to sign up and qualify for the special event. For this, they must do the Taco Bell app registrations. 

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