Tacobell Gift Cards – Gift to your Loved Ones

If your friend is a food lover, especially falling for tacos, you can surprise her on her special occasion by giving her gift cards from tellthebell.com. It could be nothing short of happiness for the taco lovers. 

There are many sites where you can buy gift cards and bestow them to your friends. Undeniably, Taco Bell is a leading Mexican fast-food chain in the United States and other countries. The brand keeps adding new tacos with different flavors to tickle its customers’ taste buds. 

Taco Bell will also send its customers gift cards to thank them for being loyal. However, you can also send gift cards to say thank you or as a holiday bonus to enjoy tacos in their favorite Taco Bell store. The gift cards are available in $5, $10, and $25 denominations. 

You can redeem these cards in any of the Taco Bell restaurants across the globe. The restaurant is in 7000 locations. The best thing is that the card does not have an expiration date. You can use it whenever you want. You also get the gift cards when you take the tellthebell.com survey.

There are many sites where you can buy valid gift cards for Taco Bell for different occasions such as Christmas, Birthday, congratulations, farewell, thank you, well, and others. You can redeem at www.tacobell.com or the app while ordering food or drinks from this food chain. 

Register Your Taco Bell Gift Card

When you get the gift card from Taco Bell, you can immediately download the Taco Bell app, set up the account, and link the gift card to the account. You can see these cards under the Payments section. Whenever you buy anything from the Taco Bell store online, the amount will be easily deducted from the card. 

The best part of the gift card is that you can reload it with the money once the balance becomes zero and use it in kiosks, Taco Bell stores, or online. 

Checking The Balance in The Gift Card of Taco Bell

You can check the Taco Bell gift card balance by going to the tellthebell.com survey or calling the toll-free number behind the gift card. You can also create an account in the Taco Bell app and link the card to check the balance on the move. 

Ways to Purchase the Taco Bell Gift Cards

The following are different ways you can buy gift cards from Taco Bell:

  • Go to the Taco Bell restaurant and buy the cards right from there. You can find cards of different amounts and choose the one that you want to give to others.
  • You can go to the website or use the app to buy a card that is ideal for last-minute gifting. 
  • You can also visit retail stores like Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and so on, from where you can buy the card. 

Gift Card Delivery and Maximum Cards to Buy

The best thing is that when you buy the gift cards, they will be delivered to the given location in just 20 minutes or 6 hours. Sometimes, the e-gift cards you buy will go into the spam folder. You can check those folders and use the cards to purchase your favorite food at Taco Bell. 

The minimum gift card order you must buy is $10. However, if you buy gift cards at any store, the minimum purchase should be $15. If you want to buy gift cards that are less than $15, then you have to visit the Taco Bell locations. They offer a minimum of $5 gift cards. The maximum or bulk orders for gift cards can be done at https://storefront.wgiftcard.com/tacobell.

Damaged or Misplaced Gift Cards

When the gift card is damaged or misplaced, there are many questions about what to do when you can obtain a new one. There is a high chance of the card being stolen or lost. However, if you want a replacement, you must show the proof of purchase or if you have this in the tellthebell.com survey. 

The following are the steps you must embrace to get a new gift card:

  • You can freeze the balance available on the card by calling 888 999-5605
  • You must submit the gift service form and get the replaced card processed in 2 to 4 weeks. 


What are the Shipping Charges for Gift Cards

Taco Bell charges shipping fees from customers. The rate differs from location to location and the cards you buy. However, when you buy a physical card from Taco Bell stores, avoid shipping charges and use it immediately. 

Where can I use the Taco Bell gift cards?

You can redeem these cards in different Taco Bell stores in the US through the Taco Bell mobile app, Kiosk, or website. 

Can I get a refund if I return the gift card from Taco Bell?

No, you cannot get any refund. All the card activations done are final. 


Now that you have learned about Taco Bell gift cards, available at tellthebell.com, you can start gifting them to your loved ones or friends on their birthdays. They can redeem this card in any of the Taco stores and enjoy the delicious food and drinks available at this store. 

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