TellTheBell UK – Take Part and Win a 20% Discount

Have you enjoyed a meal at Taco Bell? Do you want to provide feedback about the ambiance, food quality, and service you had at the Taco Bell food chain? Then, you can take the survey. 

You have to spend only a couple of minutes of your time taking the survey and providing valuable feedback that helps the management of Taco Bell make changes in their service quality and give the best experience to customers. 

With the changes, you can keep coming to the store for a great experience. You do not have to participate in the survey for free. After taking the survey, you get a reward. 

In this article, you can learn about the terms and conditions you must meet to take the survey. You are also guided through the steps to complete the survey successfully. Without waiting any longer, jump into the survey. 

Taco Bell’s TellTheBell UK

Taco Bell knows that no one will be ready to take the survey for free. It would help if you gave the participants something in return to compel many people to take part in the survey. 

After completion of the survey, the participants will receive a free coupon code with which they can get up to 20% discount on their next purchase at the Taco Bell food chain. You must note that you cannot transfer the prize or substitute for cash.

Purpose of TellTheBell UK survey

The company conducts surveys to learn about customers’ opinions of the company. Taco Bell has also started to survey with the name to know what is best and worst about the food chain. 

Through this survey, they receive genuine feedback from the customers. After learning about the negative aspects of their business, the company can make changes to keep their customers happy.

Rules and Regulations to be Followed to Take The Survey

The following are a few rules and regulations to be met by the participant taking the survey:

  • They should be legal residents of the UK. 
  • Entrants should be above 18 and eligible to participate in
  • A valid receipt must be with the customer to participate in the survey.
  • Only one person is allowed to take the survey on the receipt.
  • Only one entrant is permitted per month.
  • Participants must complete the survey within three days of visiting the food chain.
  • The coupon code you receive will be valid for up to 14 days, within which you should redeem it in any of the food chains of Taco Bell in your area.
  • The bill amount should be above 5 pounds to redeem the coupon code. You cannot club this coupon with the other offers.
  • Receive up to 20% off. You must carry out the previous receipts with a valid coupon code to get the offer.
  • It would help if you had a smartphone or a laptop with an internet connection to take the survey without interruption.
  • Participants must understand the English language.
  • The prize should be accepted as a reward. It cannot be converted to cash or transferred to another person. 

Steps To Be Followed To Take The Taco Bell TellTheBell UK Survey

The following is the step-by-step procedure you have to follow to take the survey successfully and get the redemption code. 

  1. Navigate to the Taco Bell survey site’s official site, i.e.,
  2. Go through the terms and conditions thoroughly to check the eligibility criteria to take part in the survey and learn about the company policies.
  3. Provide the details printed on the receipt you got after purchasing the food item at any of the Taco Bell food chains in the UK, such as date, time, store number, and transaction number. You will also be shown the sample receipt on the screen to indicate what will be filled in each field. 
  4. Select the order type, such as dining in, take away, delivery, or drive-through. Once you select this option, navigate to the next section.
  5. Rate the satisfaction level you had at the Taco Bell store. You can rate each question from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied. 
  6. Navigate to the next page after answering all the questions by providing your rating. There is an open inquiry form to learn about the problems you have faced.
  7. Provide your experience in the space and why you are unsatisfied with that particular category. You can elaborate on the experience.
  8. Submit the survey and details. Then, a valid code is generated, which you can use to get a 20% discount on your next purchase at the Taco Bell store. 


Which site should you visit to participate in the Taco Bell survey in the UK?

You have to visit this site to take part in the survey, i.e.,

What reward can you win after taking the TelltheBell UK survey?

You can get a 20% coupon code, which you can redeem at the Taco Bell store to get a 20% discount. 

How many days do you have to finish taking the survey after the purchase at Taco Bell?

You must take the survey within three days from the date of purchase at the Taco Bell UK store.


Now you have learned how to take the survey, it is time for you to take the survey and get a 20% discount. It helps you to enjoy the food and pay less for what you have. Spend a couple of minutes of your valuable time and finish the survey. 

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